Mr. S. Karthik

Course Name: ICICI Academy for Skills at Coimbatore

Before joining the Academy:
I completed only 10th standard then I could not pursue my higher studies due to personal reasons. I was working as an Electrician helper for few months in my home town with a local Electrician. I didn't know anything about basics of electricals and the tools used. My owner also did not teach me. I was very keen to know about this field. It was at that time I came to know about ICICI Academy from an ICICI Bank staff and he helped me to join in ICICI Academy for Skills at Coimbatore.

Life at the Academy::
I started to learn about the basics of electrical field. I understood the standard rules and safety measures to be followed. The hostel facility and food was good. The staff and wardens were very supportive.

Life after the Academy:
After completion of my training I joined in Rathinam college, Coimbatore as an Electrician helper with a salary of Rs. 8, 500 pm along with free Accommodation. After few month I relieved from Rathinam college and I joined in SP Engineering in Tiruppur with a salary of Rs.10,000 monthly, this helped me to meet my family’s need. I worked in the company for more than 3 years; I then decided to start my own service centre in Tiruppur. I am currently taking Electrical contract work and Electrical Machines shifting work with the help of my academy classmate Mr.Pavithran (1st batch EHA Student). Now, we both are handling 3 to 4 labours for Electrical and Shifting work. I am currently earning Rs. 30,000 pm. I bought a new gold ring, chain, bike and mobile with my earnings. My family is very happy because I have started my own business and earning good income. Thanks to ICICI Academy for Skills.

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