Rural Electrification Program

At Schneider Electric, we believe that Access to Energy is a fundamental human right and every human being on this planet is entitled to have access to safe, clean and reliable energy. This vision is also aligned to the SDG 7 of providing Affordable and Clean Energy. Access to Energy is also one of the most essential infrastructure requirements for ensuring the successes of other programs related to health, livelihood, sanitation, education etc. Across the globe, nearly a billion people are without access to electricity and out of them nearly one third are in India.

Under the overarching vision of the Access to Energy program, SEIF for the last 10 years has been working in the area of rural electrification. Through our various solar based solutions of micro-grids, solar home systems and portable solar lanterns, we have been able to reach to over 30,000 households in over 500 villages, impacting the lives of over 1,50,000 beneficiaries.

Besides, intervening at the individual household level, we have extended the solar interventions for community based services like schools, primary health centers, street lights and community resource centers.



Providing Rural Electrification

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Our Success Stories

The Indian Sundarbans is a network of low lying islands in the Bay of Bengal, separated from one another and the mainland by interconnected tidal rivers.
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Livolink Foundation
Jampani is a village in the Nuapada block with a population of around 1300 people. The nearest town to Jampani is Biromal which is 10 km away.
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Dalmia Bharat Foundation
DBF in collaboration with Schneider Foundation (SF) has undertaken the solar mini grid project in Ramgarh and Nigohi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
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