Mahndra Yadu

Having Own Electrical Shop and He has part-time working experience in different industry.

Personal Information:
Mahendra Yadu living with his family, Mother, Father, and Brother. His father having small land for agriculture; so the financial condition not well so he playing important role in his family. Mahenda Yadu is now working as an Electrician Technician at his own shop at home. He is engaged in the maintenance work in different school and industry. His brother Kishore Kumar Yadu also did RAC course from SEDI, Bhatapara. His brother is now working with him. Other 3-4 workers work under him. He is now earning Rs15000-18000. He worked as a guest lecture in SEDI Bhatapara in 2017-18 year.

Pre-training status:
He did ITI in Electrician trade before doing SEDI training program. But in ITI training he only developed theoretical knowledge. He did not get any job after ITI training. He made himself practically sound in the electrical field from the SEDI training but before training from SEDI he was working in Solanki Electrical but he did not get and expected specific skill so he took admission in SEDI.

During training Progress:
During the training he was very much dedicated to the class. He was very much interested to learn practical work. His attendance percentage was above 90%. From the training period he started repairing work of electrical goods. He was very much obedient and sincere student.

Socialization development:
During the training in the year 2014-15 financial year till today he is continuing his work and made very good reputation within his locality and Baloda Bazar District. Now he is doing maintenance work in different cement industry. So he developed his knowledge as well as experience in this field and made very good image as an electrical technician.

Employment Details / Facility:
Having Own Electrical Shop and He has part-time working experience in different industry

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