Entrepreneurship Program

Building entrepreneurial skills among the financially underprivileged strata of the society has always been our top priority. As a first step, through offering vocational electrician training, we equip the young men and women to stand on their own. Though most of the candidates move to the job market after training, few trainees are selected as company affiliated entrepreneurs. Recognizing that the business model could only work if the individuals have the genuine motivation and ability to succeed as entrepreneurs, they are chosen after close screening.



Providing Entrepreneurship Program

30,000 +


500 +


150,000 +


Our Success Stories

Mr.Gurdeep Singh
He started his own company named G.S.Solar enterprises at Patiala. He started handling various projects of solar installation across Punjab and his major project included PU University in Jalandhar
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Mr. Valaji Umedji Thakor
Mr. Valaji Umedji Thakor joined Ambuja Cement foundation- Skill Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Uvarsad, Gandhinagar in Wairman Control Pannel Trade.
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Mahndra Yadu
He was rewarded “Best Trainee Award” on the occasion of 25th year’s celebration of Ambuja Cement Foundation on February 2018 by the honorable guest MCH (EAST) of Bhatapara unit Mr. Rajesh Kothari
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