Schneider Electric India Foundation – SEIF is the social commitment of Schneider Electric in India. SEIF is the umbrella entity for several social initiatives of various Schneider Electric entities in India. Registered in 2008 as a Trust, SEIF has tirelessly worked towards promoting inclusive growth through access to skills and access to electricity.

Our flagship programs provide skills to the youth of the country to leverage the growth offered by the economy and provide off-grid areas with unhindered access to clean, safe and reliable electrical energy. Both these initiatives are elementary to the improved quality of life as well as for ensuring socio-economic development of large mass of population.



We at Schneider Electric, believe that Access to Energy is a fundamental human right and we want everyone on our planet to have access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. With this over-arching vision, we are running several programs which are aligned to realize this vision by empowering the people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, both in rural and urban milieu, for inclusive growth.


The partners who give their valuable resources to fulfill our mission.

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